Bike Race: Traffic Ride

Bike Race: Traffic Ride

Bike Race: Traffic Ride

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2x Faster in traffic [ HD ]

this crazy dude shows how to ride a motorbike during rush hour - WIN

Duke ride in traffic with stunts sequence

Hop on your trusty bike and feel the wind in your hair as you cruise across multiple environments, leaving traffic behind you! Become the king of the road in one of the multiple vehicles you can choose from!

We've got standard bikes, sport bikes, cruiser bikes... We even have a quad! Pick anything you like, learn to drive it and show your mastery over changing conditions! When you settle on your favourite bike, customize it with a custom paint job. You can also change the appearence of your driver for full immersion!

Your quick reflexes will be put to the test with cars making unexpected turns before you. With sharp, confident turns you'll be able to outrun them all! Drive in the canoyn, at the coast or in the city, at daytime or at night. Discover the dangers and suprises each one of those areas hold.


Pick one of multiple bikes of varied performance and handling. Choose a standard bike, a sports bike, a cruiser bike or even a quad!

Make your virtual bike feel like a real one!

Aside from cosmetic changes you can also modify your bike's performance with updates. The more money you earn, the better your bike becomes!

Feel the intense emotions that only driving at the highest speed on a busy highway can evoke!

What's New in Version 1.2

Small bug fixes.